Monday, July 03, 2006

And so it begins...

I'm in!

It's like Wonka's Chocolate factory in there!
I've just watched a 75 minute lecture on why the AM guys love animation so much, their inspirations, Animation tips.....sweeeet!

Haven't stopped smiling yet :)



Mathew Rees said...

Yo GC!

Just found your Blog as you can now work out since I'm posting on it innit.

Enjoy the summer and being cooped up in front of your monitor doing AM.....nice ;)



Ooo and thanks for sticking a link to my site too.

Gareth Cavanagh said...

Hey bud,

Just looking at Jason Schleifer's Grease Pancil cool is that!

No probs on the link bud.


Mathew rees said...

That's nothing!!!...........
You wait till they give you the thing that helps you do all those things! that's coolio!! ;)

Kevan said...

I sent your nice comments to Mr. Schleif...

: )

Better stick with nice, Gar. People will be reading now you're in AM!


Gareth Cavanagh said...

I'm always nice!

Aren't I?