Monday, July 17, 2006

Week 3 already!

So week 2 has been and gone. It was our first real assignment week. We had to go to a public place and draw some quick thumbnail sketches of people going about their everyday business. We then had to choose what we considered to be our most successful sketch and translate the pose into the computer using 'Stu'.

The first thing I found out was that I have sorely neglected my drawing skills over the years!! i think the next few weeks is going to be a process of 'de-rusting' and getting the old 'pencil-confidence' back. I enjoyed it 'though. I went to Brighton on Thursday and Friday as part of a Games Education Conference and spent the day carrying my sketch book around and trying to catch some interesting poses. Unfortunately, the speakers were standing behind a lecturn so I only saw them from the waist up and every break we had everybody was guzzling tea (which is why most of th sketches have people holding tea-cups.) On the up-side tho' we went to a party on Thursday night and there was a free bar...all night!

Anyways, I've put my thumbs sheet and the Stu pose up below for people to have a look at. I'm not 100% happy with the Stu pose. I screwed his Right Arm up and lost a lot of the weight from the pose, but I'm going to wait for my e-critique from Ryan before I fix it.

And Stu:
Saw Superman Returns on Sunday. I thought it was ok, didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Batman Begins.



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